Premium Resume and Cover Letter Services

Solutus recruiters have over 50 years of combined legal recruiting experience and are all former practicing attorneys. Over the years, our team has gained invaluable insights from our law firm and corporate clients concerning what they look for in a resume and a cover letter. Consequently, we know what works and what doesn’t when trying to secure a job interview.

Well drafted resumes and cover letters greatly enhance the chance of securing an interview and surpassing other qualified candidates with less effective materials. Highlighting your strengths in a strategically formatted style is essential to competing in today’s competitive candidate pool. Poorly drafted resumes and cover letters can spell doom for a candidacy right out of the chute. Signing up for this service will grant you access to one of our Co-Founders and Directors of Recruiting (all of whom are attorneys) who will personally assist you in drafting your resume and cover letter.

Solutus recruiters are uniquely qualified to assist attorneys in creating (both stylistically and substantively) resumes and cover letters that will enrich their candidacies. Clients look for very specific information and formats when evaluating legal resumes. Many of the standard resume and cover letter drafting techniques that are commonplace in the executive recruiting world are inapplicable (and potentially harmful) in the legal recruiting context. Solutus recruiters can help you present your qualifications and experience in the best possible light.

Why You Should Choose Solutus Resume/Cover Letter Services:

  • A Solutus Co-Founder or Director of Recruiting will personally assist you. Unlike other organizations, Solutus does not have a resume service subsidiary or separate division consisting of non-experts to help you. We perform the work ourselves, which will ensure the highest quality.

  • Every member of the Solutus team is an attorney.

  • With over 50 years of recruiting experience for law firms and corporations, we know what is effective and what works with our clients. Our expertise will provide you with the greatest opportunity to secure an interview.

  • Resume and cover letter techniques in the executive recruiting/resume world are many times inapplicable (and potentially harmful) in the legal resume context. This difference can make or break your ability to secure an interview.

  • Our client list is a Who’s Who in the corporate and legal world and our reputation as one of the premier legal search firms means you can trust our market knowledge and ability to market your experience.

  • Our experience and credentials allow us to use the best judgment on the type of content and formatting to best market yourself.

  • You’ll receive superb service with quick turnaround and follow up to answer your questions.

Fee Schedule for Resume and Cover Letter Consulting Services:


Attorneys With 9 Years Legal Seniority or Less

Resume Only Consulting Services: $255 | Purchase
Cover Letter Only Consulting Services: $255 | Purchase
Resume and Cover Letter Consulting Services Combined: $415 | Purchase

Attorneys with 10+ Years Legal Seniority

Resume Only Consulting Services: $525 | Purchase
Cover Letter Only Consulting Services: $525 | Purchase
Resume and Cover Letter Consulting Services Combined: $850 | Purchase

Please feel free to call us directly at 650-325-7578 or email us at to discuss these services in more detail with a Solutus recruiter. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you would like to sign up for Resume and Cover Letter Consulting services, please attach your resume and/or cover letter in Word format and send to

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Solutus' resume and cover letter service was extremely helpful for me.  They did a phenomenal job on my materials and gave me some valuable interview tips.  I enjoyed working with them, and I really recommend the resume service.

- Tim Kennedy, Associate Counsel

  Nominum Corporation