IP Search Services

The protection of Intellectual Property assets is central to the continued success of many of our corporate clients. At Solutus, we have over 40 years of this unique experience placing high level in-house attorneys in these mission critical roles. All of our recruiters are attorneys so our own legal backgrounds prove essential when screening candidates in any IP discipline. Our years of experience have also enabled us to develop the most extensive candidate base and networks in the industry. We rely heavily on these networks to find “the hardest to reach” candidates for your search; and our record of success is impressive. Our clients are among the premier companies and start ups in Corporate America.

If you are interested in discussing our IP search services further, please contact partners Julie Brush at julieq@solutuslegal.com; 650-473-3244 or Jon Escher at jon@solutuslegal.com; 650-473-3243.

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