Our Philosophy On Client Service

Simply put, Solutus provides the best client and candidate service in our industry. It’s the reason why we leapfrogged over our competitors in our first year of existence and why we are currently considered the premier legal search firm on the West Coast. Our world class clients are a testament to our success in executing on our philosophy and values.

We live in a time where service (in any industry) is at an all-time low. “Good enough” is the modern standard motto. Not at Solutus. We believe that our clients deserve the very best in service and we strive for it every day. What does great service mean to us? It means possessing and providing the best market knowledge and contacts in the business. It means employing a work ethic that drives us to source the highest quality (and hardest to reach) candidates in the shortest period of time…and continuing that effort until our search has been completed. It means taking the time to fully understand our clients’ interests and objectives and then deploying the full resources of our firm in the sourcing, evaluation and recruitment of the finest candidates – no shortcuts allowed. Finally, it means returning phone calls and messages promptly and making ourselves available at our clients’ convenience.

We can only distinguish ourselves from the competition by turning our firm values of honesty, integrity, and diligence into concrete realities each and every day. This is how we approach all of our searches; our clients’ best interests are at the heart of our efforts.

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I’ve partnered with Solutus during my tenure as a legal executive at Cisco Systems and have continued to discuss ideas with Julie Brush relating to strategic hiring, career strategy and current trends. Julie is an effective business partner who truly understands and delivers to the client’s needs. Solutus is an elite search firm that embodies excellence and their service from a client’s perspective is the best in the business. The firm’s level of professionalism is at the highest level in the industry.

- Raj Aji, General Counsel & Vice President International Business Development Emerging Markets

  Obopay (Former Director, Operations – Cisco Systems)