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As our firm’s Hiring Partner, I can always count on Solutus to deliver the highest quality candidates in the shortest period of time. Their recruiters listen carefully to what we need and are impeccably responsive. They have extensive knowledge of the legal market and always provide sound advice and guidance. I consider Solutus an invaluable search partner.

- Ed Willig, Hiring Partner

  Carr McClellan Ingersoll Thomson & Horn

I’ve partnered with Solutus during my tenure as a legal executive at Cisco Systems and have continued to discuss ideas with Julie Brush relating to strategic hiring, career strategy and current trends. Julie is an effective business partner who truly understands and delivers to the client’s needs. Solutus is an elite search firm that embodies excellence and their service from a client’s perspective is the best in the business. The firm’s level of professionalism is at the highest level in the industry.

- Raj Aji, General Counsel and Vice President International Business

  Development Emerging Markets, Obopay (Former Director, Operations – Cisco Systems)

Jim Smith is a former law partner of mine, and he was instrumental in my transition to the San Francisco office of a national litigation firm in 2009. Jim was an effective advocate of my interests in introducing me to the firm and helping me negotiate the terms of my new position. I highly recommend Solutus and Jim for his personal service, attention, and professionalism.

- Kevin Haroff, Partner

  Shook Hardy & Bacon

If you are a law firm partner considering a lateral move, there is no firm that is more effective than Solutus. They possess superior market knowledge and have the best relationships at all levels of the process. Throughout my experience, Julie Brush and her colleagues provided unbiased, strategic counseling that was in the best interest of my career, rather than their pocketbooks. As a result, my new home is an excellent fit. The level of service from beginning to end of the process is in a league by itself.

- Phillip Wang, Bankruptcy & Real Estate Partner

  Duane Morris

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